“We  don’t sell mud. Our sole focus is to develop products to stop fluid loss”

PT OBM DRILCHEM is a privately owned  supplier of speciality loss-circulation additives to the global drilling industry. We are world leaders in the use of fibre based technologies to prevent loss during the drilling process and we have developed a unique range of products which are proven to save our customers considerable time and cost through optimising well productivity and payzone extraction.

Our range of products will:

  • reduce non productive time on site
  • assist and improve wellbore stability
  • prevent severe to total drilling fluid losses to the wellbore
  • prevent differential sticking
  • reduce excessive torque and drag
  • improve hole cleaning

In addition to our range of down hole products PT OBM DRILCHEM provides a range of services both on and off site including:

  • designing technical proposals and solutions on a well-by-well basis
  • providing engineering services and training in the correct applications of our products on site


We also custom design and manufacture products for individual applications. No problem is too difficult for our team.


From the owners of the company to the factory floor we have established a team of highly motivated people, every one of whom is dedicated to producing the highest quality products and solutions for our customers.

The Drilchem sales and management team are highly experienced with many years of gas and oilfield and technology expertise. Their considerable experience and success in the most difficult situations means we are able to provide reliable and expert solutions to our customers around the globe. We have a fundamental belief in our technology and a passion for solving problems and improving performance.


We have a network of distributors and agents strategically located around the globe who are ready to respond to our customer’s needs. They are supported by a team of technical sales engineers who will assist our customers through on site monitoring and supervision of the application of our products. Our own engineers are also available to  provide initial training in the correct application of our products and to provide follow up trouble shooting services on site. This will ensure our customers achieve maximum results in the field.

Company History

OBM Drilchem was established in 1996 by partners Ryanto Husodo and Mohammad As’ad. After graduating from university in Melbourne (Australia) and Bandung (Indonesia) and after many years working in the industry Ryanto and As’ad set up their own company to allow them to pioneer the development of a completely new and innovative approach to the prevention of fluid loss during the drilling process. OBM Drilchem is headquartered in Jakarta – Indonesia and is a world leader in the production and application of fibre based loss control materials.

Production Facility

OBM Drilchem established a manufacturing and research facility on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital Jakarta in 1996. Strategically located near to suppliers and ports and situated close to transport routes it comprises a production facility and warehousing. We also have additional capacity to expand the manufacturing  substantially to cater for the ever expanding growth in sales and separate warehousing facilities which are located at the port for storage of stock. This allows us to keep our stock levels maintained and we are ready to deliver supplies to our customers with realtively low lead times.

Research and Development

Our philosphy is simple, anything is possible.

Our team of engineers and technicians at Drilchem are driven by their passion for achieving results and a never say no attituide. Combining extensive field knowledge and the latest scientific data and technolgies we are able to engineer solutions and develop new and improved products without the constraints of some larger organisations.