Location: India

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The Challenge

After finish run 13 3/8″ casing, Operator continue drill with 12 1/4″ section. The well has 240 bph dynamic loss and need to be cured.

The Action

PJSM with comman and all the personel involve about job deployment. pump 20 bbls lead his vis follow pill# 1 with 180 bbls @16.5 ppb STOPLOSS,pill# 2 with 120 bbls @25 ppb, and pill# 3 with 120 bbls @ 25 ppb, pump 20 bbls tail hi vis pumping through by PBL. displace with 9.8 ppg WBM. Squeeze with 6.7 bbls, bleed of pressure and attemp to reverese circulation. Close and monitored well for one hour

The Result

Loss rate decrease slowly until to zero. Operator continue drilling as program.