Location: Pakistan

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The Challenge

Operator was difficult to pass through sui main limestone with directional BHA. Hole was complete losses. Switch to Foam (ECD 3.88 ppg) and drill down to target 2,029 m MD. Meanwhile losses were continued, gas influx was observed. LCM concentration through the annulus. Objective is to seal off the loss zone with plugging or any product which create barrier.

The Action

After failure 7 times spotted and bullheaded 100 – 500 bbls with 60 – 200 ppb conventional LCM combination, no return. Operator approached other company to provide solution to control the losses. Contractor prepared specialized OBM Drilchem LCM with 40 ppb STOPLOSS, 30 ppb FRACSEAL and 20 CaCO3 F with respectly and supervise the operation. Bullheaded with 100 bbls STOPLOSS LCM pill of 90 ppb. followed by 40 bbls gel mud. After 3 hrs soaking time, pump 210 bbls 8.8 ppg gel mud to fill up the hole, 30 bbls squeeze.

The Result

Hole was started to fill and succesfully return at surface were achieve, its pertinent to mention STOPLOSS hold about 1,261 psi above formation pressure.