Location: Indonesia

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The Challenge

South Mahakam present high risk for Severe losses due to Carbonate’s presence is all over the well interval from surface to 2500 m. Severe to Total loss is highly potential in the 12¼”section in the Near Beta (±1,363 m) and Top Stupa (±1,957 m) Carbonates formations. Stupa Carbonates is the most problematic for severe / total losses amongst
the two infamous sections.

The Action

The Operator set up 3 scenarios of LCM spotting pill formulation for drilling through the predicted loss zones. Once started drilling 12¼” hole from 1,286 m, the KCl Polymer active mud was treated with 15-20 kg/m3 FRACSEAL® Fine and 15-20 kg/m3 CaCO3 M. Added 80 sacks FRACSEAL before entering Stupa Carbonates. In the anticipation of Total loss, 100 bbl of 50 ppb STOPLOSS pill was prepared in Hallib. batch mixer tanks.

The Result

Had no losses drilling passed thru the Near Beta until 1,563 m. The Stupa Carbonates was also drilled with no loss of circulation observed and hole was stable. STOPLOSS pill prepared in batch mixer tanks was not required. The pill was kept and remained stable with no degradation after 2 months in the tanks.