Location: Indonesia

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The Challenge

To control Severe/ Total losses expected in the Pendopo and Lower Pendopo formations from 4,000 ft to 5,615 ft. The Lower Pendopo is a highly porous and fractured limestone formation, one of infamous interval for Severe and Total losses.

The Action

Drilling 12¼” hole, the active circulating system was pre-treated with 6.0-8.0 ppb FRACSEAL® starting from 4,000 ft until casing point @5,615 ft. In case of severe losses, the hole was swept with pills containing 60-70 ppb total combination of FRACSEAL® and CaCO3 Fine.

The Result

Wireline Caliper logs data showed achieving excellent hole size (gauged hole) and shape starting from 4,000 ft to casing point at 5,615 ft. The 9⅝” casing was smoothly run and cemented. Overall 12¼” hole section was an improved drilling efficiency, wireline logs and also reducing Non Productive Time.