Location: Natuna Sea, Indonesia

CH-1605_Premier Natuna
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The Challenge

Mud loss must be stopped before logging operation can be done in 8½” hole at 10,857  ft. Two different LCM pills were pumped but failed to stop or reduce loss rates to a satisfactory level.

The Action

Drill bit was on bottom at 10,854 ft when partial losses observed. As other LCM pills did not provide acceptable result. Operator decided to use STOPLOSS regardless of unavailability of circulating sub on the string. The drill bit was a PDC with jet sizes of 6 x 18/32 nd”. Pumped 20 bbls Hi-Vis mud, 40 bbls of 45 ppb STOPLOSS then 10 bbls Hi – Vis tail spacer. Got partial returns. Hole was deepened to 10,857 ft and the second  STOPLOSS pill was spotted on bottom and used stage up (progressive) pumping above pill for a hesitation squeeze with ECD. STOPLOSS was deployed thru bit jet nozzles.

The Result

The STOPLOSS pill of 45 ppb was pumped through the PDC bit smoothly. The hole was static to carry out further operations. The whole STOPLOSS application process was conducted with the direct supervision of the operator. The job was successfully conducted by the Operator with no Drilchem engineer on the rig.