The 38th IPA Convention and Exhibition, held on 21-23 May 2014, attracted 20,372 visitors, including 3,600 convention participants during the three-day event, exceeding last years record. This was first year for Drilchem to participate in the IPA, which is good for the company’s existence and branding and to be well known as the first layer loss circulation material provider in the market.

By conducting and displaying a Fluid Invasion Test (FIT) demo at our booth it was a great benefit whereby all the visitors were given a chance to see and asked questions of what this FIT demo work. Drilchem Fluid Invansion Test is the modification of the standard API Filter press, replacing cylindrical cell with cylindrical transparent tube (certain size and material) to be able to show and monitor fluids invasion during the test, filter paper is substituted with 20/40 sands or gravel to reflect formation description.