Location: Middle East

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The Challenge

The rig had been aggressively attempting to control severe to total (100%) losses in the wellbore for thirty (30) days after increasing the MW from 90 to 153pcf to control a high pressure, high salinity water flow. Twenty eight (28) traditional high volume, high concentration LCM pills and five (5) cement plugs were pumped at various depths with varying degrees of success to drill the 102ft of 83/8” hole section. Although there were some indications of sealing/improved returns observed at surface, attempts to wash or drill out cement plugs always resulted in total (100%) losses. Mud losses in excess of 23,000bbls were recorded during this time.

The Action

Pumped 4 x 50ppb STOPLOSS LCM pills 153pcf (315bbls cumulative volume) loaded at various depths.

The Result

STOPLOSS LCM pills 3&4 : successfully achieved and maintained >80% circulation while washing in to top of fill. After performing squeeze, successfully healed losses allowing the placement of cement plug #6 , with > 80% circulation and subsequently RIH and tagging and drilled out same with 100% circulation (cement plug #5 was not found on RIH previously and zero returns). Successfully placed cement plug #7 with 98% Circulation, RIH and tagged it at placement depth and drilled it out with 100% circulation.

The STOPLOSS LCM solution contributed significantly to cement plugs #6 and #7 achieving an effective seal/bond in the wellbore area, isolating the loss zone and allowing the timely resumption of drilling operations.