Location: Middle East

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The Challenge

Stoploss-Case-Study-Far-East-4.pdf’ align=’right’]Unable to drill the 8.5 section without having to pump multiple cement plugs (>20 in cases) due to severe losses in particular formation- (mainly of limestone, with vugular fractures, intermittent caverns and fault lines).

The Action

Pre-treat active with FRACSEAL (F) and utilized STOPLOSS as required. Drilled 8.5” hole maintaining 10ppb FRACSEAL (F) in active system. Observed 210bph(Dyn) and 168bph(Static) losses spotted 300bbls STOPLOSS LCM.

Pills as follows:
2 x 100bbl pills @ 50ppb 1 x 100 bbl pill @ 70 ppb

The Result

Static losses reduced from 168bph to 17bph and then to zero. Continued to drill ahead to TD with minimal losses ran and successfully cemented 7” liner in place.