Location: Middle East

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The Challenge

Challenged to control/cure severe to total losses and reduce the volume of OBM lost to the formation while drilling the 121/4” open hole section through highly faulted limestone formation. Dynamic losses of 150bph and static losses of 10bph were recorded.

The Action

Pumped 1 x 25bbl at 80ppb STOPLOSS LCM pill and allowed same to soak.

The Result

Regained total (100%) circulation and successfully drilled the 121/4” hole section to casing point without any further OBM losses to the formation. Successfully cured OBM losses, using one (1 x 25bbl) STOPLOSS pill successfully drilled to section TD with 100% circulation. The offset well (50 meters away) was used as benchmark to quantify the results as follows:

1. 93% reduction in the volume of OBM lost to the formation
2. 66% reduction in the cost of conventional LCM used
3. 50% reduction in the OBM cost per foot to drill to section TD
4. Eliminated OBM losses while running 95/8” casing