Description job: FRACSEAL application
Operator: Middle East
Location: Onshore
Type of fluids: OBM
Phase: 121/4” open hole
Depth: 5,770 ft.
Potential problem: Loss circulation

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The Challenge

A 1,200bbl mud was mixed and treated with 2ppb FRACSEAL fine. The 121/4” horizontal hole was drilled from 5,692ft to 5,770ft with a dynamic loss of 150bph. Flow check, mud level dropped, POOH to 133/8” casing shoe at 4,375ft. Mixed and pumped 100bbl FRACSEAL LCM pill #1 (172ppb total LCM concentration) with 10ppb FRACSEAL fine, 23ppb FRACSEAL medium, 18ppb FRACSEAL coarse through the circulating sub and soak into the formation. The well still had losses. Filled in annulus – no level.

The Action

Mixed and pumped 200bbl FRACSEAL LCM pill #2 (173ppb total LCM concentration) with 11ppb FRACSEAL fine, 13ppb FRACSEAL medium, 23ppb FRACSEAL coarse through circulating sub. Had 75% returns while pumping LCM at 30spm (suspected first LCM pill worked well). POOH to 133/8” shoe at 4,375ft and soak into the formation, well static.

The Result

Drilling then continued in the 121/4” hole to casing point with full returns.