Description job: FRACSEAL application
Operator: Middle East
Location: Offshore
Type of fluids: OBM
Phase: 121/4” directional hole
Depth: 8,068 ft.
Potential problem: Loss circulation/sloughing

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The Challenge

An 850bbl of active mud in a surface tank was pre-treated with 3ppb of FRACSEAL (fine) and 220bbl of LCM pill was prepared containing 53ppb of blended conventional LCM and FRACSEAL to anticipate severe loss circulation while drilling expected loss zones. At a depth of 5,100ft, at approximately 200ft above expected top of loss zones, concentration of FRACSEAL fine was increased from 3ppb to 10ppb while drilling expected loss zones from 5,374ft to 5,915ft also 2 sacks of FRACSEAL fine were added every hour into active system to replace some FRACSEAL fine being screened out over shakers.

The Action

No down-hole losses were experienced while drilling with mud weight of 81pcf. The lithology at interval depth from 6,134ft to 6,670ft of Khafji formation is unconsolidated sand. Continued drilling through this section with 9ppb of FRACSEAL fine in the system which was already pre-treated while drilling previous Wara formation (5,374ft) and Safaniya formation (5,740ft). Khafji formation was stabilized from possibility of partially loss and differential sticking.

The Result

Continued drilling 121/4” directional hole using oil base mud with mud weight at 81pcf containing 9ppb FRACSEAL fine from 6,670ft to casing point at 8,068ft without any down hole losses.