Description job: FRACSEAL Aapplication
Operator: ARAMCO
Location: Onshore
Type of fluids: WBM
Phase: 81/2” directional hole
Depth: 8,106 ft.
Potential problem: Total loss circulation

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The Challenge

The 81/2” directional hole was drilled from 5,251ft to 5,657ft. At 5,657ft, had a loss. Pumped 100bbl FRACSEAL LCM at 40ppb and regained 100% circulation. Continued drilling to 6860ft and treated the system with 10ppb FRACSEAL fine and observed 100% circulation. At 6,860ft, encountered lost circulation at 220bph, continued drilling to 6890ft with 70% returns. Mixed and pumped 100bbl FRACSEAL LCM at 40ppb, lost at 200bph. Pumped 150bbl pill with 40ppb FRACSEAL, lost 200bph. Circulated at 3.5bpm and conditioned mud with 20ppb FRACSEAL fine, loss decreased to 80bph. Continued to circulate while mixing mud, lost 60bph. Pumped 150bbl FRACSEAL pill and reduced the loss to 10bph. Continued drilling to 7,115ft and had lost 40% circulation. Pumped 50bbl FRACSEAL pill at 20ppb, regained 80% circulation.


The Action

Continued drilling to 7,650ft with 92% circulation, drilling ahead to 7,840ft with 85% circulation and +100bph dynamic losses. Continued drilling to 8,048ft, 85% circulation then unable to continue drilling with 150bph dynamic losses. Pumped 50bbl FRACSEAL LCM and added 10 sacks of FRACSEAL fine every hour and the loss reduced to 80bph. Continued drilling to 8,106ft with 90% circulation, had total loss at 8,106ft. Pumped 50bbl LCM pill at 5bpm, no returns and after another 250bbl pumped, regained partial circulation. Pumped 100bbl FRACSEAL LCM into open hole and monitor loss at 40bph. POOH to 95/8” shoe at 5,251ft and pumped 100bbl LCM, lost 21bph. POOH to surface, made up and RIH cement stinger to bottom at 8,106ft. Circulated and monitored well (10bph lost). Mixed and pumped 100bbl LCM pill (with 60ppb FRACSEAL).


The Result

Monitor lost and reduced to 3bph. POOH cement stinger to pick up bit and continued drilling ahead.