Location: On-Shore, Southeast Asia
Job Type: Drilling
Hole Size: 12¼”, from 2,806 ft to 5,615 ft
Formation: Fractured Limestone/Sandstone
Fluid Type: Water Based Mud, 10.0 ppg – 10.5 ppg

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The Challenge

From offset well information while drilling the 13-3/8″ hole section the operator experienced seepage to partial losses up to 60 bph.

On post drilling operations, while tripping experienced tight hole, high drag and difficulty to conduct both wireline operations and get casing to bottom.

The Action

Pre-treated the active circulating system with up to 8.0 ppb FRACSEAL® and drilled to casing point .
Conducted 3 days of wireline logging including pressure test sampling and sidewall coring.

The Result

Drilling operations were run in this section with zero NPT incidents. Achieved excellent gauge hole size from caliper logging run results Casing was run smoothly and cemented in place.