Location: Onshore, Southeast Asia
Job type: Drilling
Formation: Fractured granitic sandstone
Fluid type: Water based mud, 10.3ppg

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The Challenge

An operator was drilling ahead and encountered 35bbl/hr losses at 5,825’. The drill string was picked up and a 30bbl HI-CONC LCM 160ppb pill consisting of 20ppb FRACSEAL (fine) and CaCO3 of (20ppb fine, 40ppb medium & 20ppb coarse) was spotted on the bottom.

The Action

A 40bbl HI- CONC LCM pill was added directly to the active mud system and the mud weight was reduced to 10.3ppg. Continued to build mud volume and add 10ppb of FRACSEAL (fine) to the active mud system.

The Result

Drilling was resumed from 5,825’ to T.D. at 6,007’ with no further losses. Both logging and running casing operations were successfully performed while maintaining 10ppb of FRACSEAL (fine) in the active mud system.